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Dance and Fitness

for Everyone

 Studio S Christmas Showcase

Terms & Conditions

By attending this event, children and adults, dancers and members of the audience, all agree to abide by these terms and conditions.


Please do not, under any circumstances attend if you or a member of your household have any of the symptoms associated with Covid 19, or if you are self-isolating for any reason.


• Tickets will be numbered and on sale from Thursday December 17th  onwards. Ticket sales will initially be restricted to one per child per session. We anticipate that we will be able to release additional tickets as soon as possible once every child has had the opportunity to purchase one ticket each. Tickets are available at a flat rate of £3 per session per person, we are sorry that we can offer no concessions on this occasion.

• Admission is with a ticket only; no ticket sales will take place after 12 noon on Tuesday 21st December.

• All children will be involved in a 2 x identical 15-minute performances. All children must arrive for registration at Studio S Reception no more than 10 mins before their first performance and must leave immediately afterwards. No parents / families are permitted access inside the Studio S building


• All children will be directed straight to the marquee on arrival and will stay there unless a toilet visit is required, they can be collected after each second performance from the marquee.

• Dancers are not required to wear masks during performances but those over 11 years must wear masks at other times.


• Seating is restricted to 14 customers as an absolute maximum. No child over 2 years must sit on a parent’s knee. All seating must be outdoor and social distanced at 2 metres.

• All of the audience must wear a mask, including children over the age of 11.

• All the audience, adults and children, must use sanitiser on entry to the site and maintain social distance of 2 metres at all times. Please supply your own if you may be allergic to ours.

• No photography is permitted at any time including video recording, we will make some photographs of the children available to view and to purchase as soon as possible after Christmas.


• All staff of The Senate Group and Studio S are subject of temperature checks daily and must adhere to strict Covid protocols.

• Staff will all wear masks throughout the event.


• Chairs must not be moved unless authorised by a member of Senate staff, and only in the case of a young child wishing to sit closer to a parent. No standing is permitted during the performance, nobody should leave their seat except in an emergency.

• No refreshments are available and if the audience wish to bring their own, all litter must be removed by them or placed inside a designated waste bin. Please do not under any circumstances leave empty bottles or litter on the floor.


• All adults and children must follow directional signs without fail and must leave the site promptly once the performance they have seen has ended. We do not mean to appear rude, but no member of our team will have time to chat to children or parents before, after or between sessions as our priority has to be cleaning during these times and maintaining a ‘Covid-Safe’ event.


• On this occasion, we would like to restrict child toilet visits to an absolute minimum as the toilet facilities are sanitised between each visit, which is time consuming. Children must bring a named water bottle as usual, but we would suggest that fluid intake is restricted in the two hours leading up to their performance. We are not able to fill water bottles for children during the current pandemic for purposes of hygiene.

• We regret that we are not able to make toilet facilities available for audience members on this occasion. Should any member of the audience have an urgent request, he/she will be accompanied to the WC in the Studio S changing room, but we would really appreciate your cooperation in only making a request if unavoidable.


• We usually provide all of our children and young people with costumes for our Christmas event. On this occasion, this will sadly not be possible. All dancers should wear the following please:

 A Christmas Jumper OR a red or a green top to be worn on top of layers of warm plain black clothing.

 Children must arrive wearing trainers

 Ballet and tap shoes must be with them in a clearly named bag. Footwear changes have to be very quick for this event and so this is extremely important.

 Socks must be worn

 Gloves may be worn

 Hair below collar length – if possible, each child should have their hair in two plaits (basic plaits are fine). If this cannot be achieved, pigtails are absolutely fine. Male dancers are free to be as creative as possible with their hair!

• None of our portable heating will be used during performance. We advise that everyone wears warm outdoor waterproof clothing and brings an umbrella. Children will remain inside the marquee at all times, outdoor clothing must remain with parents / families and not with the child. All audience seating is outdoor. Please be prepared for cold and / or wet weather.


• We reserve our rights to cancel the event at short notice should it become unavoidable, for example, due to performers and / or staff being affected directly by Covid-19. We would of course refund all ticket fees should this happen. We also reserve our right to request that anyone not complying with these Terms and Conditions should leave our premises.