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The Studio S Charter

By attending Studio S all customers agree to accept the terms and conditions of this Charter.

The Charter will be regularly reviewed and updated.

What our customers can expect from us:

Studio S and and The Senate Group  have undertaken Risk Assessments and taken very possible step to mitigate the risk of Covid-19 transmission in accordance with the guidance of the Health and Safety Executive, Public Health England and the Government in terms of making all of our premises ‘Covid Secure’. 

• Social distancing will be maintained at all times by Studio S staff, and we will ensure that children and adults attending our classes also abide by social distancing protocols. 

• We will clean and sanitise all areas used at the end of each class.

• We have chosen to utilise a hospital standard cleaning chemical for this purpose, the product name is Salvesan.

• Should any member of staff exhibit signs or symptoms of the Covid-19 virus, he/she will not be allowed to attend work and we will notify all Studio S customers.

• All Studio S staff will undergo a temperature test at the beginning of each shift and will be sent home if necessary. All staff are also required to undertake Lateral Flow Testing twice weekly. 

• Staff uniforms will be washed after each shift.

• Queueing areas will be clearly marked and must be adhered to. 

• Staff will not be available for conversation before and after classes due to cleaning requirements. Should you wish to communicate with Studio S staff, please use the following number for calls and text messages: 07503 642802. We will also create a Whatsapp group for Studio S parents, please send a text to request admission to this group.

• Class numbers will remain low according to Government advice.

• Class places must be booked in advance. 

• Our Café will SOON be available for the use of parents / families at designated times, further information can be provided by Studio S staff. We regret that drinking water cannot be provided for anyone from our water machine, but it is available to purchase from Studio S staff at a cost of 50p per individual bottle. 

• Should there be a requirement for the administration of first aid, children will be expected to follow Teacher instruction and self-administer whenever possible, for more serious incidents, or should a child be upset, we will notify parents immediately.

Historically, many of our customers have enjoyed using our Cafe to wait in whilst children are in classes. Due to the  Covid-19 pandemic, all of our classes are currently held outdoors, and our Cafe has had to remain closed. 

We have promised our staff and customers that we will do absolutely everything possible to reduce the risk to them all. This means that no parents/ families are currently permitted to wait  inside the building for any reason ,including to accompany a child to the toilet,  in line with our Covid-19 Protocols. 

We have now provided an outdoor area which is available for anyone waiting for a child to finish a class.

 Please do not ask to wait inside our building for any reason. 

It places us in a very difficult position as we genuinely value your custom, but our Covid protocols must be adhered to, for the safety of everyone. We have worked extremely hard and invested a huge amount of money in making Studio S and the wider Senate Group as safe as possible and to date, have had no cases of Covid-19 in our team. 

Until our Cafe can open again, which we hope will not be too long now, we would value your cooperation in this please.

What we expect from our customers:

Please do not attend if you, your child, if anyone in your household has signs and symptoms of Covid-19. Please notify us if anyone becomes ill within 14 days of attending a Studio S class.

• Customers must, on every occasion, book a place in their chosen class in advance. Class sizes will be strictly limited. Children or adults arriving without booking cannot be admitted to our classes or activities.

• All class participants must wash or sanitise their hands immediately prior to each class, and as requested by staff during classes. Children who may have adverse reactions to standard hand sanitisers must supply their own alternative.

• All class participants must wear clean clothing. Children should not attend in school uniform

. Each child must bring sweatshirt / hoodie when attending outdoor classes. 

  • Before arriving at Studio S, all hair below jaw length must be tied back for hygiene purposes  Please explain to children why it is important not to repeatedly touch their faces / hair.

• Tissues will be provided, please do not send children with cotton handkerchiefs

• Trainers must be worn for all classes, any person attending classes in other types of footwear will unfortunately not be allowed to take part in accordance with our Risk Assessment. Ballet and Tap shoes must be worn as appropriate for indoor classes only. 

• We would prefer contactless payment, but will accept cash, preferably in  exact amounts, but change will be available. Staff will wear gloves when handling cash. 

• It is essential that children and adults provide their own named water bottle. Studio S cannot currently provide drinking water.

• There should be no consumption of food / snacks during class times other than for medical reasons. Please ensure that children do not attend classes hungry.

• No dances will include any physical contact.

Please ensure that children have an understanding of social distancing and why Studio S classes will need to operate differently for the time being. 

• Please ensure that your child is aware that Alsager Mere contains very deep water, although access to the Mere is prohibited by physical safety barriers.

• We ask that you arrive and leave promptly for drop off and collection. 



  •   No toilet facilities are available for either adults or children using our waiting area at this time. (Toilets are still available for those taking part in classes in our marquee with sanitisation taking place between each individual use). We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but this is necessary at this time for health and safety purposes, please do not ask our staff if you can use the toilet, the current rules are in place for very sound reasons.
  • Studio S (The Senate Group) will accept absolutely no responsibility for any accident, damage or injury which occurs in this area, it is used entirely at the risk of the customer.
  • Drinks and snacks are available for purchase and we would request that those choosing to use the waiting area only consume food and beverages purchased on our premises, not bring their own.
  • The area is within a section of our staff car park, and therefore we ask that customers remain aware of that and restrict their use to the designated area only. The area is not suitable for use as a children’s playground for obvious reasons.
  • All adults and children using the area should remain seated at all times.
  • Please do not use the area if you or a member of your household have tested positive for Covid-19 within the last 14 days or are manifesting any of the signs and symptoms associated with the virus.
  • All tables and chairs will be sanitised at the end of each class. We would respectfully request that customers use the bin provided for cans, food wrapping papers, tissues etc.