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Performance in Audley Theatre 

Friday July 8th and Saturday July 9th at 6.45pm 

After the pandemic disrupted our last theatre performance we are delighted to be back in the theatre!

We are all very busy planning and rehearsing with a busy week ahead. 

We hope that the following information is helpful:

Sunday Rehearsals: 
11am - 1.30pm for Ages 3 - 7 years
12.30 - 3pm for Ages 7-11 years 
12.30 - 5pm - High School Ages
11am until 8pm - Headliners 

Classes on Tuesday and Wednesday will run as normal

Dress Rehearsal on Thursday is taking place at Audley Theatre.

All children to arrive at 4pm and to be collected as follows:

Ages  3- 7 years : 7pm

Ages 7 upwards: 7.30pm 

All children need to  bring a packed meal / drinks - disposable wrapping if at all possible please.

Clothing: PLAIN black top / leggings / jogging bottoms

Hair must be tied back please

Socks and Trainers must be worn please. Ballet and tap shoes are required too but must be clearly NAMED please.

Friday and Saturday:

Ages 3 - 7 years can arrive anytime between 4 and 5.30pm at the Theatre please

Ages 7 years upwards must arrive between 4 and 4.30pm at the Theatre please

All ages must wear the following:

Plain black vert top or T shirt with plain black leggings or jogging bottoms

Please ensure that clothing has absolutely NO logos or embellishments of any kind. 

All children must arrive wearing trainers with socks, and have a bag containing names ballet and tap shoes if applicable. 


Please ensure that hair is loose and brushed ready for styling on Friday and Saturday


Children must either have eaten a substantial meal before arriving at the theatre 


arrive with a substantial packed meal and several snacks and drinks. 

There are no refreshments available at the theatre (except tap water) 


the children have all worked very hard and are very excited about sharing their dances with their families and friends!

We are all looking forward to a wonderful show!

Studio S 


 finally back on ​stage in the Theatre!

Tickets now on sale at Studio S Reception 


Studio S Performance Gallery

Please take a look at the NEW page on our website: 'Performance Gallery'

Here we will be sharing a few pictures from each Studio S performance. 

This section of our website is password protected. The password can be obtained by the families of Studio S, only from Studio S staff, and the password will be regularly changed.


 We request that you respect the privacy of all our customers and therefore, by accessing this page, you agree not to share any of these pictures on any social media platform. 

Please contact us if you have any concerns at all about this. 

Diary Dates for 2022

We have all REALLY missed performing during the pandemic, and we are delighted that now we are able to start planning for some dates in 2022 when e can share our dances with our friends and families .We hope to be back in the theatre this summer so more about that soon....

In the meantime, here are some dates for your 2022 diaries:

Friday March 4th 

 Showcase performance outdoors at Studio S

More details and tickets listed below

Thursday February 24th

Studio S Disco


Ages 3-11years

Disco clothes or fancy dress

Tickets £6 from the Studio 

Saturday June 18th 

 Alsager Carnival

Audley Theatre  July 8th and 9th at 6.45pm


Multi-Media Dance Performance

Car Fest 

Jenni and the Headliners are performing at CarFest North on July 22nd - 24th

CarFest South on August 26th - 28th

Nantwich Food Festival

Friday September  2nd 4pm - 6pm 

March Medley of Dance 

Children aged 3-7years: 

Street Dance, Ballet and Tap

• Child to arrive at Studio S between 4.15pm & 4.30pm

Gates open for audience at 4.35pm

• Performance is 5pm – 6pm with a short interval halfway through


Children aged 7-11 years and Teens: 

Street Dance, Ballet and Tap

• Child to arrive at Studio at 6.30pm

Gates open for the audience at 6.35pm 

• Performance is 7pm – 8.30pm with an interval approximately halfway through 


The following applies to all children:

• Any child with hair longer than jaw length must have two plaits (normal, French or Dutch braids are all acceptable), if any parent is unable for nay reason to  to plait their child's hair, please let the Studio S team know in advance.

• Children must be wearing a purple Studio S T shirt with a plain, black, long sleeved top underneath – please be mindful that the children are performing outside. They will return to the studio in between dances but still need to be dressed for winter weather.

• If your child doesn’t have a Studio T shirt, they can either borrow one or purchase one for £12.50 – please do let us know in advance if this is the case

• Children must wear either plain black leggings or plain black jogging bottoms.

• Clothes must have absolutely no logos other that the Studio S logo.

• Children should bring snacks or money to purchase snacks

• Children MUST have a labelled water bottle, we have facilities to refill bottles with water now we have moved into the studio but can only do so if the child has their own water bottle.

The following applies to the audience:

We are looking forward to our summer performance in the warm, dry theatre however, this performance is taking place outside, the stage area is covered and therefore the children will be protected from wet weather but we cannot guarantee shelter for all of the audience.

• Please attend the event with this in mind, we are very happy for you to bring blankets etc. along with you.

• Snacks and drinks will be available to purchase before the performance and during the interval.

• The children have worked really hard for this event and they are all very excited about sharing their dances with you!

The Covid 19 Virus

  We always want to ensure that we have done absolutely everything possible to maintain the highest standards of hygiene at Studio S so that we can be confident that we are taking appropriate measures to protect our customers and staff.

Please read the information in our 

Studio S Charter

 which explains how we are managing the risk to us all of the Covid-19 virus.

Please do not hesitate to speak to us if you have any questions or concerns at all.

Our shows will return!

"Lifeis not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to 

dance in the rain"  

We have rehearsed and prepared an amazing show, and we ARE going to perform it as soon as we possibly can!